For Organisations


For Organisations

• Bespoke, practical workshops
• Delivered face to face or online
• At a venue and time to suit your team
• From 90 minutes (Perfect for a lunch and learn) to 6 month programmes (for deep, lasting impact).
• Focussed on challenges and situations relevant to your work and industry.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the session we had, I loved the tools we were introduced to and am using them in my business and personal life now!”

– Robert Dalton, Seriously Good Accounting.


Ready to get started?

1. Book in for a chat with Bethan.

2. Share your organisation's unique challenges and training needs.

3. Bethan prepares a programme tailored to your needs. We finesse the details together.

4. Lock in a start date and get the magic happening!


Example Short Session

​Decision Making: Fast and Slow
90 minutes

For anyone who has ever struggled with a decision... 

You can expect:

• tools to help you prioritise decisions;

• easy techniques for when you need a quick answer;

• to know key biases and fallacies that influence you every day;

• to learn how to think holistically about big decisions;

• confidence and clarity on future decisions.

“Such an epic morning! I instantly took action on the learning of the morning on a major decision I’ve been working through and it’s opened up options I hadn’t considered!”

– Dave Clare, Circle Leadership

"Bethan's workshop is most enjoyable. The time spent will repay 100 fold in the clear thinking and decision making."

– Michael Green, Collaborative Design Architectural Studio.


Example One Day Session

Decision Making and Problem Solving
One day

Covering critical thinking, complex problem solving, lateral thinking and much more, being able to think creatively, act decisively and find solutions is vital to help you stand out as a leader in your profession, business or workplace.

Bethan Winn’s one day decision making and problem solving course will walk you through the 8 skill sets of her critical thinking compass model, helping you find direction and navigate the complexities of the modern workplace. Personalised, practical and delivered interactively, you will have concrete examples and tools you can apply immediately.


• Practice fast and slow thought processes for decisions.

• Know what environments facilitate good thinking and problem solving.

• Learn why and how to tap into your gut feeling.

• Apply a range of models for critical thinking to making decisions that improve business results and processes.

• Develop your ability to evaluate and analyse any information source for errors in logic and bias.

• Apply reframing and mental models to situations for fresh perspectives.

• Learn the three-part process to approach any problem or decision.

"The format of the training was brilliant and the way that content should be delivered. I have even bought one of the recommended books and am enjoying learning more about the topic. It’s always a good sign when you go to a workshop that you want to extend your learning!"

– Alison Barker, Industry Programs, Curtin University

“What an awesome day! Great learning and a fun friendly environment”

– Karen Dennett, Founder, Engaging Education


Example Two Day / Multi-session Workshop

Breaking Boxes: Critical Thinking Skills for Leaders
Two days

Bethan’s signature programme, built with interactive workshops, online resources, individualised tasks and personalised feedback, resulting in lasting change impacting varied aspects of work and life. 

Breaking down the boxes we put ourselves in, challenging limitations and echo chambers, we confront biases and stereotypes, then take decisions and problems on their own merit in the current context, moving away from the status quo in our constantly evolving world.

• Know and apply the skills, attitudes and knowledge which constitute good critical thinking;

• Challenge the limitations and beliefs you hold about yourself and others;

• Apply a range of models for critical thinking to making decisions that improve business results and processes;

• Develop your ability to evaluate and analyse any information source for errors in logic and bias;

• Develop your capability for making decisions using clear processes and strategies.

• Leverage your reflection and evaluation skills for continuous improvement and create space for new skills and knowledge.

“I had the privilege of participating in Bethan's course and I certainly came away with lots of knowledge and refreshed thinking that has had a positive impact on my personal and professional life. Bethan is a great educator and facilitator and I appreciated her tailored 1:1 support. I sincerely believe that everyone regardless of background and experience would benefit from learning critical thinking from Bethan.”

– Brooke Jones, Place-based commissioning and engagement, WA Primary Health Alliance

"Bethan’s Critical Thinking course is a fantastic resource that will change the way you think in your everyday life. Bethan is a passionate facilitator who teaches in an engaging and accessible way. I particularly enjoyed the weekly reflection exercises. Thank you Bethan for the course, it was well worth the time and money."

 – Nora Ball, IVF Pharmacist, Concept Fertility Centre


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