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Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker on Critical Thinking, Communication or Community?

Look no further.

Fresh, energetic and a little bit quirky, Bethan’s interactive and engaging delivery
connects with any size and demographic audience. 
Each talk is carefully crafted for the people, event and industry to guarantee connection and value for the audience. 
If you want to inject some energy in to a program, get in touch to start planning today.

"Amazing presentation! Very useful and engaging. It gave me so many practical ideas and tools - thanks!"

Audience feedback, Northern Star Resources Conference

Bethan is an experienced and dynamic speaker and MC, sought after for industry events across Australia and overseas. Her breadth of personal and professional experience, coupled with her warmth, knowledge and humour make her the perfect choice as an MC, keynote speaker or panellist for your next event. Her areas of interest and expertise include (but are not limited to): critical thinking, productivity, time management, community, networking and more.

The one word that unlocks all learning

With 20 years experience in education, Bethan knows a thing or two about acquiring new skills and knowledge. But a few years ago, a very simple Welsh word took on new meaning and transformed her learning, coaching and teaching. 
This TED style talk is packed with practical takeaways to develop the audience’s ability to absorb new information, implement new skills and teach others as well. Touching on accountability, risk and curiosity, this talk is relevant to leadership, learning and daily life.

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Building brilliant communities

Bethan lives in a retirement village. Even though she’s under 40.  
This heartwarming, interactive talk shares real lessons from Kennerton Green, her intergenerational strata community. She shares relationship building, mental health, longevity and life experience from the residents aged 1 to 100. 
Bethan can share how they supported each other through lockdown, how they build and maintain a great culture and includes transferable lessons and actions for teams and communities in any context.

You got 99 problems? This ain’t one!

Very few people are taught problem solving skills, yet every day the world throws us new challenges. From “what’s for dinner?” to “world peace”, they are unique to us. 

This practical, interactive talk includes immediately actionable tools to help solve individual and team challenges, no matter what the size of problem. 

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MC Services:

Bethan is a confident, eloquent speaker and a stickler for the detail which creates a great audience experience. With decades of experience in classrooms and large community events, Bethan’s speaking career now translates her passion to larger stages for corporate and entertainment events. 
She is naturally warm, friendly and engaging whether it’s an audience of 10 or 10,000. Weaving the threads of the event in to the script and taking the time to get to know other speakers and presenters, you can be sure of a smooth and stress free event.

Got a topic in mind?

If you have a topic related to critical thinking, communication or community, get in touch to discuss a bespoke talk for your event and audience.

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