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About Bethan

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Warm, engaging and passionate, Bethan delivers training like no other.

With over two decades as an international educator, she brings a playful, practical approach which her clients love.

They love because not only is it enjoyable, it also gets results.

Whether it's finding the right solution, gaining decision-making confidence or upping strategic thinking, everyone takes away new leadership skills and tools.

She has worked on projects with government, corporate and professional services, embedding organisational change and creating bespoke processes.

Her attention to detail and commitment to quality mean she goes above and beyond to provide tailored, impactful training to improve leadership and business outcomes.

• Clients report increased clarity, confidence and connection as a result of sessions. 

• Many take action immediately after training to move forward on challenges and tough decisions.

• Consistently excellent feedback on workshops and courses, with delight in the exceptional energy and interaction;

• Creative, curious and committed to exceeding expectations and creating remarkable experiences;  

Bethan loves working with a diverse portfolio of clients and industries to bring thought diversity, reframing and fresh ideas.

Bethan’s openness and warmth creates an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable and encouraged to experiment and challenge themselves.


"Bethan's openness, professionalism and warmth were a great support and guidance. It provided me more insight into my thought patterns and provided me a forum to show up in a more professional accountable manner."

– Chris Green, Business Owner

My Values

These are my personal and business core values, which inform my decision making processes. 

• Community - I am passionate about the power of community, in all parts of the human experience and contribute to many local community projects.

• Learning - Everyone and every experience teaches us, if we are open to it. I invest in personal and professional development to constantly upgrade my offerings. 

• Equality - I have a deep sense of justice which informs decisions I make and charitable contributions. 

• Sustainability - treading lightly and acting sustainably are key to my business and life. 

• Fun - "If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right". I work on projects that excite, challenge and inspire me. 

"Certainly different to the workshops I usually go to! Like a breath of fresh air and has given me lots to think about."

Robert Dalton, Seriously Good Accounting

Conversation Starters

Fancy a chat?

• Tell me what lights you up! I love hearing what people are passionate about! 
• What made you smile today?
• What makes a great question?
• Ask me about my inter-generational strata community.
• Tell me about a challenge you’re facing and let’s hash it out.


Get in Touch

Perth WA, Australia

+61 450 165 130

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