Useful Resources

6 Week Habit Tracker

This easy to use print and keep pdf habit tracker is great way to create a chain of habits that will motivate and inspire you. Keep in somewhere you'll see it every day and tick the boxes, and the longer you keep it up, the more solid your habit will become. Add a carrot (reward) or a stick (punishment) to motivate you further, and sign up for the Critical Thinking course or a private session to create further accountability.


Practical ideas to sharpen your thinking and live your values.

No filler. No spam. Just useful stuff, when it's ready.


There's many more exciting resources in the pipeline that I can't wait to share with you, so pop your name in the box for all the good stuff when it's ready!


Planning Template for Zoom sessions

This detailed template for zoom sessions can be applied to training sessions, meetings, classrooms and any other interactive interaction on Zoom or other video conferencing platforms. There's also some general top tips at the end for any online meetings you're holding.

DIY Decision Dice

Want to make your own decision dice? Here's a pdf you can print on a card and cut out - one for you and one for a friend.


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