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What Is Critical Thinking?: About

What is Critical Thinking?

Consistently listed in the top 3 skills needed to be a great leader, great employee, great entrepreneur. But what is it?

Critical Thinking is a blend of skills, attitudes and knowledge. Covering areas such as curiosity, questioning and openness, the structure of good argument, objective analysis, evaluation, reflection and reframing.

A decision is at it’s core an argument with ourselves. Good critical thinking helps you judge those arguments and reach conclusions aligned with your business, career or personal goals.

Critical Thinking is all about ‘how’ to think, rather than ‘what’ to think and key for adaptability, resilience, good communication and good leadership.

Bethan Winn’s critical thinking compass shows the 8 skill sets which help you find direction and navigate the complexities of the modern workplace.

Whether you’re running your own company, applying for jobs or progressing your career, good critical thinking will help you get, and stay, ahead of the pack.

The Critical Thinking Compass

The Critical Thinking Compass is a tool to navigate the 21st Century workplace. Each point represents a key skill all leaders need to make decisions, solve problems and take action. This 8 step process empowers you with how to think rather than what to think, to help you find focus, confidence and be future-ready.

This is just an example of the type of content you will be learning with me through my courses, workshops, talks and in-house sessions.


Bethan's topic areas

Critical Thinking

Academic, Business and Personal.

Decision Making

Tools to aid judgement and confidence to act.

Problem Solving

Creative and Lateral thinking to find solutions

Effective Communication

Building rapport and delivering your message

Engaging facilitation

Professional and Prepared

Educational Consulting

Embedding thinking skills for all ages.

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