I've teamed up with some amazing people and companies. Check out these collaborations and partnerships:


The Social Experiment

Two strangers. 

45 minutes. 

10 questions.

Curated by Bethan Winn and Alex Bakowski, designed to encourage meaningful conversation and social connection. 

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Liv By Design

Two heads are better than one, and sometimes you need a different perspective for the best innovation.

Bethan collaborates with Olivia O'Connor, a human-centered design expert to mesh creative and critical thinking to train teams, facilitate sessions and help you find solutions to your biggest problems. 

Find out more about Liv on the link below or contact Bethan for a collaborative consultation. 

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Ransomware crisis simulation: Cyber security training.

“There has been a 200 percent increase in reports of ransomware attacks in recent months.” (Sydney Morning Herald, June 2021). 

The impact of ransomware on your business can be catastrophic. 

Bethan has teamed up with Tannhauser to create a special simulation exercise to help prepare executive leaders to respond with clarity, confidence and conscious, collaborative decision making when experiencing a ransomware attack. 

You can find out more by contacting Bethan or Tannhauser for enquiries.