Engaging, Inspiring, Thought-provoking

Decision Making: Fast and Slow

Overwhelmed with choices? Stuck at a roadblock? Constantly deferring or delegating? This talk can be tailored to the audience's needs, but touches on prioritising decisions that need to be made, how to tackle quick, gut feel decisions and practical tools to approach those important, non-urgent life decisions from multiple angles. Great for small to big groups, this is practical and immediately applicable to work and personal decisions.


Inter-generational friendship and community.

Bethan is blessed to live in a "retirement village" strata which boasts a wonderful community vibe. She has learned a lot about the benefits of inter-generational friendship such as improved health, thought diversity, perspectives on life and the COVID-19 crisis have brought the neighbours closer than ever. This talk is heart-warming and inspiring and can include practical tips to help build community and friendships in different contexts.


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