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Strategic Facilitation

Hourly, half or full day events

Workshops and Seminars
Away Days
Community consultation
Corporate Planning Days & Planning Retreats
Employee Engagement & Team Building Events

Facilitation with a hint of fun!

I offer comprehensive facilitation services for your important company events.

But this is facilitation with a difference.

I bring a fresh perspective to your event, an objective view with no existing biases or expectations.

As well as keeping your events running on time, I help ask the questions that you can only get from someone not familiar with how your business operates.

The questions that, internally, you assume everyone already knows. But do they?

By engaging me as your Strategic Facilitator, I take the pressure to present off your senior management and team leaders—and you free up your time to actually join in the fun.

Creative and fresh, I can help with activities and venues that are entirely bespoke and create a memorable and valuable experience to suit your budget and interests.


The Benefits

  • Free up your best people to do their best thinking.

  • Discover practical tools to help you get more out of your events, such as a conversation menu, engaging installations and personal touches to encourage connection. 

  • Empower your staff to build stronger relationships with their coworkers.

  • Get the outcomes you need involving the right people, such as strategic plans, clarity on vision, values and purpose or create the foundations for an amazing team culture.

220902-Bethan_0069 smaller.jpg

A unique tailored 'fun'shop

Strategic facilitation can take all shapes and sizes! 

Bethan has worked in all manner of venues, from resorts to pubs, forest retreats to beach-side restaurants with a wide variety of teams and industries. 

Get in touch today to see what kind of magic we can create together! 

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