I'm Bethan.  I help you think critically, decide consciously and live and work aligned with your values. 

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I help people to think clearly, solve problems and make decisions, using critical and lateral thinking techniques.

Critical Thinking is a blend of knowledge, skills and attitudes which 

help you objectively analyse facts in order to form a judgement. I help you apply this learning to real situations in the workplace, education or for personal development. 

How? Through my online courses, in interactive, practical workshops, public talks or tailored in-house sessions.

I'm also an energetic and warm facilitator and can deliver bespoke sessions on a variety of topics.

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Practical ideas to sharpen your thinking and live your values.

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Decision Making:

Fast and Slow

Next public workshops

November 19th 2020

7.30 - 9.30

The Treasury Buildings

2021 Dates coming soon


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Perth WA, Australia

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