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39 ways to change the energy on a Zoom call

Resting zoom face has kicked in. You've lost your 'zoom room'. The questions fell flat. Someone is trying to figure out that photo behind you. A couple of cameras are off. Eyes are surreptitiously wandering.

Zoom requires 38% more energy to hold people's attention than an in-person meeting*. Rather than a massive distraction of a laptop or mobile on the table, everyone is literally staring temptation in the face.

What can you do? Think, Move, Hear, See, Play or Connect differently. Some activities cover more than one element here. Some are silly. Some really won't work for your call. Some are genius (if I do say so myself!).

From London teens to Perth students, to Aussie professionals and my own young kids, I've seen plenty of bored faces and I've tried plenty to get them re-engaged. A smile, a competitive game, a personal share, a short emotive video, a quick workout, a reframing of the thoughts can do SO much to change the energy.

Based on this experience, here's 39 Zoom specific activities that could rescue your next session**:

1. Ask a real or virtual magic 8 ball the next questions ( 2. Everyone stand up. Simples. 3. Play Simon says. 4. Reflect – in 10 years time, how we will feel about what we’re discussing? 5. Random number generator to select the next speaker 6. Jazz hands – slowest to cotton on loses. 7. Play some music. 8. Use a random number generator or virtual dice to decide who goes next. 9.  Everyone add a virtual background of where they’d like to be on holidays 10.  Add snapchat filters: 11.  Watch a facial yoga exercise video on (joining in optional) 12.  Allocate a character or accent for feedback 13.  Do a breathing exercise 14.  Use an emoji to check in feelings 15.  Sing a song together 16.  Everyone Vogue: 17. Share something that made you smile today in the chat box.    18.  Summarise where you’re at on the IWB. 19.  Everyone change spaces if they're on mobile devices. 20.  Do a group meditation 21.  Values check in – are we working in line with our company / personal values? 22.  Show and tell something in the room at home. 23.  Do an arm circles workout. 24.  Outdoor walk break – 10 mins and reconvene. 25.  Share two things you’re grateful for. 26.  60 second doodle break and show what you've created (on paper or IWB). 27.  Play charades. 28.  Include Edward De Bono’s six thinking hats to change perspectives (I can help you with this) 29.  Everyone share a special place on google maps / street view. 30.  Play Pictionary on the IWB. 31.  Everyone bullet point their key findings from the meeting so far. 32.  Change chat room partners (or get in to chat rooms!) 33.  Send everyone who is able to their garden or balcony. 34.  Encourage everyone to grab their pet or soft toy. 35.  Everyone do 10 push ups / burpees / squats. 36.  Play googlewhack – who can get the fewest results on google for their search term. 37.  Everyone put a pencil in their mouths to “force” a smile. A real one usually follows! 38.  Everyone to write two truths, one lie in the chat box. The rest figure them out. 39.  Just stop the meeting. Does it have to be done today if no one is feeling it?

If you need more confidence using zoom (or any other platform) drop me an email to arrange a one to one session with a "potential zoom bombers" discount!

*This is a totally fabricated statistic based on my experience. **Results not guaranteed, but it will be fun trying.

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