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Are you applying critical thinking to your new year goals?

Whether they are personal or professional, if you've googled "how to achieve X" then no doubt adverts are now stalking you online for myriad ways to achieve it.

But how do we know which approach to take?

Before you part with your cash for an "easy, simple, step by step way to achieve that really hard thing", try this 4 Ss approach:

➡ Step back - pause, if the claim is to too good to be true, it probably is!

➡ Seek alternatives - what other methods are out there? Lateral reading (across multiple sources) will help you see what else is out there.

➡ Source check - is this from a credible source? What's the original context?

➡ Set an experiment - find a way to test the idea for a fixed period of time.

The irony is, most of the things we want to achieve in life are achieved with what I call "mundane magic": the regular, unsexy, consistent small steps.

Whatever you want to achieve in 2024, I hope you apply some good thinking to the why and how, and get the outcome you want!

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