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When does comfort become uncomfortable?

Comfort is lovely. To a point.

After that point, it can make you deeply uncomfortable. Unhappy. Unhealthy. Unsatisfied...

Challenges and discomfort can bring benefits, happiness and learning. But you need to stick with it and usually you need to give yourself a proverbial 'kick up the bum' to get started.

I know writing and considering this, I'm in a place of privilege that I can mostly choose my discomforts.

I don't have the answers here, I'm just providing some food for thought.

I enjoy some discomfort. Long runs. Hard exercise. Pressure of a deadline. I chose (and was lucky to be able to have) two unmedicated births. I need a level of discomfort to do my best work and it has taken a squeeze each time I have levelled up in my business or personal life.

In those moments, it can be awful. But I'm always grateful looking back.

I believe that progress is ultimately what makes us happy, and if we're comfortable we're not progressing.

But I still scroll, lounge about and hit snooze, drive rather than cycle and all those things too... I'm choosing an elasticated waistband right now 🙈😆

What's the right balance for you? What discomforts are you choosing right now? Thoughts welcome...

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