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Need some critical thinking support for a school, further or higher education institution or a specialist programme?

As a skilled teacher, with diverse subjects and international experience, Bethan excels at creating welcoming, supportive learning environments, encouraging curiosity and experimentation.

Not just for gifted and talented students, Bethan’s style of ‘practical philosophy’ can be differentiated and delivered in a way to suit any age and skill level.

Get in touch to see how Bethan’s critical thinking compass can be brought to life in your school.

If you have a need for a critical thinking expert to support a special project, or would like some advice on bringing it in to your educational programme, get in touch for a no obligation chat:

Example Sessions


Critical Thinking for Students

Know how to:

• find and use quality, relevant sources;

• evaluate information for biases; 

• reading with a critical mindset;

• communicate findings in academically appropriate language;

• taking a holistic approach and alternate viewpoints on a topic.


Decision Making Workshop (for older students)

How to:

• weigh up different outcomes and consequences (beyond a pros and cons list!);

• Identify the biases and argument tricks that are influencing you;

• Apply mental models to look at choices from different perspectives;

• Decide what's best for your future.


Talk for Parents: Raising a Critical Thinker

• Learn  the key questions to  incorporate critical thinking in day to day life;
• Guide creative problem solving;
• Take away the foundations of logic and evaluating arguments for biases;
• Support effective decision making as your child becomes more independent.


Teacher Training: Bringing Critical Thinking To Your Classroom

• Learn the biases and fallacies your students need to be aware of;
• How to break down and clarify arguments.
• Learn about mental models and how students can apply them;
• Quick and easy questions to incorporate into classroom routines;
• Guides for writing about findings appropriately for the strength of evidence and arguments.

Warm, welcoming and skilled at differentiation, here’s Bethan in action for ‘Be the difference’ education awards for high school students:

Practical ideas to sharpen your thinking and live your values.

No filler. No spam. Just useful stuff, when it's ready.


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