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The Decision Dice

The Decision Dice

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We often get stuck thinking about a problem or decision, in a false dichotomy between option A and option B or procrastinating due to perfectionism, overthinking, fear of failure or distraction. The decision dice encourages you to expand your thinking, help you reframe your thoughts and break down barriers to make the right decision for YOU.


How does it work?

When you're struggling with a big decision, either by yourself on in conversation with a friend, mentor or team, throw the dice. Each side is a prompt that links to a question below. After a few goes, you'll get to know these concepts and get quicker using it. It can help with professional or personal dilemmas and is great for journaling prompts or coaching conversations.


Wow, what doesn't it do?

Make you toast. Tell you what you should do. Complete your tax return. Sorry!


This is nifty – tell me more!

The decision dice was designed by Bethan Winn and engraved in Perth, Western Australia. The dice was designed to be used in workshops but people wanted their own! Made of wood, beautiful to hold and play with, gamifying event he hardest choices helps the lighten your approach and get your closer to the best cboice for you.


A great gift for a colleague, loved one or for yourself.


    Dice: approx 4cm cube, wooden, etched in Subiaco, Western Australia.

    Box: 5cm x 5cm x 6.5cm

    Includes an instruction leaflet on how to use your dice. 


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