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Critical Thinking for Life

Are you a motivated individual seeking clarity and confidence in your thoughts and ideas? 

Do you want a better, "big picture", holistic thinking?

Do you want to argue persuasively and authoritatively for your viewpoints?

Do you want to workout your brain and stop mindless, unproductive multitasking? 

In today's busy world, full of distractions, it can be hard to really consider options carefully and reflect on our challenges. If we are constantly 'fire fighting', we are not developing our ideas or improving our mental processes. It zaps out creativity and leads to mistakes. 

This 6 week Critical Thinking course will help you create space to think; articulate your position; engage in discussions; make logical decisions and make a more meaningful contribution in your work or personal life. We touch on argument analysis, biases, logic and its flaws, techniques to 'think outside the box'. We examine your own cognitive biases, improve self awareness and help you empathise with others. 

These skills are applied to real examples from your professional or personal life in weekly reflection tasks. These are carefully designed to help you elevate your thinking and create successful 'habits of mind' moving forward. 

Critical Thinking is consistently listed in the top 3 skills sought by employers and in future leaders. Whether you choose private coaching or seek training through your employer or company for professional development, you will need to be motivated to change the way your think if you undertake this course.   


"I recently completed Bethan’s Critical Thinking Course and I've been talking about it non-stop! I really enjoyed the content & format and highly recommend it to anyone who is curious to learn more about the way we think. Bethan facilitated the course so well - learned lots and had fun along the way. Thanks!"

Ann Brinkamp, Perth

"Bethan's course about Critical Thinking is a fantastic learning experience regardless if it is intended for business or private use. She covers numerous topics for example communications or argumentations that makes you stop, consider and improve. Highly recommended!"

Marion Braunl, Perth


Course Structure:

Week 1: Preparing to think

Barriers to effective thinking

Creating habits of mind that serve you

Being open and playful

Asking better questions to get better answers

Week 2: Interpretation

What are cognitive biases?

What are their implications?

Stereotypes and mediation

Identifying your own biases

Week 3: Analysing arguments

Opinion vs Explanation Vs Argument

Explicit and implicit arguments

Clarifying structure and language

Week 4: Creating and evaluating arguments:

How to test an argument

Rhetorical devices 

Common fallacies

Putting learning in to practice

Week 5: Decision making

System 1 and System 2 thinking

Matrices and Journalling

Pragmatic approaches to outcomes

Week 6: Communication 

'Meaning are in people, not words'

Barriers to effective communication

Cross-cultural considerations


What's included?

Bronze Package: Online only - specific dates - $297 

·         6 x 45 minute jam packed audios 

·         6 x pdfs to support the content each week. 

·         Weekly reflections to apply learning and track your habits - handwritten or online

·         Detailed, personalised feedback on tasks

·         Course tracking to help with accountability 

·         Pre- and post- course self evaluation to show progress.  

·         Online Community to share ideas.

·         Curated additional reading for extension and further thinking

Silver Package: Online and face to face or video conference meetings: $597 

All of the amazing things you get with the bronze package, PLUS

·         2 x 45 minute sessions either face to face in Perth, WA or online at a time to suit you, tailored to your needs. Highly recommended by course graduates! 

·         Sessions to clarify any tricky learning points;

·         Discuss your reflection tasks;

·         Extend thinking on the topic;

·         Increase accountability;

·         Support industry specific application of skills.

Gold Package: Start anytime, Online and face to face delivery. $997 

All things bronze, PLUS

  • 4 x 45 minute sessions, spread across a time frame to suit you (6 weeks recommended). Face to face in central Perth, WA or using video conferencing. 

  • Covering all the content face to face or in a video call, with space to clarify ideas as you go. 

  • All content also available online for review as with Bronze and Silver. 

  • Maximum accountability. 

  • Extends your thinking.

  • Allows more questions.

  • Individualised support. 

  • Industry specific applications.


Previous clients felt that after the course:

·         They felt sharper

·         They were thinking more clearly and strategically

·         They got clarity on some big decisions

·         They were articulating ideas better

·         They were writing better emails at work

·         They were challenged, in a good way

·         They enjoyed the reflections and were asking themselves 'why?' a lot more. 

100% of previous graduates would recommend the course to friends and colleagues. 

Isn't it time your brain got a workout too? Get in touch now to see if the course is for you or to book your place. 

Places are limited and on a first come, first served basis. 

Get in touch today to start your journey. 

What are you waiting for?